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 I'm so bored.Someone call me (727) 906-2138.Just tell me your journal name if you call me.
There was a guy on the bus this morning making bets on horse racing.I think horse racing is wrong.These horses are forced to run and then when they get hurt there put down.Those poor horses don't have a choice about wether they want to run and die.I think it's sick.Thats my serious post for the day.It's been in the 90's and humid here.I honestly feel like I'm in hell.
 Mike is so sweet! He texted me this morning with "wats up beautiful" I melted right there :)He texts me good morning every day.Also my best friend,who I thought was mad at me and was wondering why he hasn't texted me back sent me the sweetest text.Thank you Stephen luminationremix

May. 26th, 2008

Happy Memorial Day everyone in LJ Land.I've officially started dating the guy from Miami that I've been talking to for the past few weeks.He's black and Haitian and speaks French and Creole.His accent is so hot.He wants to have babies with me.Speaking of that.The past 6 months I've gotten my period on the 25th,the past 2 months I've gotten it on the 16th.I haven't gotten it yet.I'm going to take a preg test on June 6th.I want a baby.Even if I have to raise it on my own.I know I may not have the funds to raise a kid on my own but dammit I would do the best I could to raise my child.I haven't even told Mike yet.I want to wait till I find out for sure.My best friend/neighbor is getting kicked out cuz she can't pay her rent.She's supposed to be out by today but I don't know what's going on cuz the ownmer won't be in the office till tomorrow.

Apr. 23rd, 2008

 Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken

Apr. 15th, 2008

 My weekend fucking sucked.I was getting ready to take my nephew out when we heard screaming.I ran outside and asked my neighbor what was wrong.Shes screaming her husbands dead.I called 911 and grabbed my friend and we rush into her apt.Her man is purple and bloated,deader than a doornail from overdose.We stayed with her in the roo m until the firetruck came.My nephew who is 9 was in there too.I was so scared that would have fucked him up.He was scared but I'm the one who's fucked up.I haven't slept much.Every time I close my eyes I see his body or I start thinking he's going to come after me.I'm scared to be alone and I'm scared to take my pain pills.Even though theyre prescribed to me by a doctor.I've been taking less than I should be taking.I also spent the past 2 weeks in the hospital.They told me I have gastric peresis which means my food doesn't go into my intestines so I vomit.Yay.At least the Reglans working.
 So I traded my laptop in for a new digicam.I have new pics from Easter buit I need to go pick up the cord to the cam.I also need to figure out how to upload them onto the librarys computer.I've been walking alot lately and drinking alot of water.I've lost six pounds.LOL,all my jeans are getting too big.LOL I fell in the road and fucking scraped the shit outta my knee.It was awesome.My nephew offered to help me up,hes such a little gentleman.So my neighbor is strung out on something.I dunno if he's a crackhead or a methhead,buit he's funny.He gave me a snickers bar at like 2am.LOL.Him and my sexy neighbor were outside my window making noise and I went out there to see what the noise was.Me and my sister were watching him last night.He was talking on his cell and just walking around like he has ADD.Its seriously like he can't stand still.I now refer to him as Superball.His name is Joe though and he lives next door to me.I'm still seeing my neighbor.We're supposed to be exclusive.Whatever.He's so fucking jealous of whoever I talk to anyways.It will never work.He drinks and he's always begging for money.Whatever.The sex is good.I hate not having money.I have no food and my sister is eating everything I do have.I'm out of my pain pills :( I might have to have surghery on my feet.Apparently my tendons in my ankles are too tight whihc makes my feet point downwards and causes pressure sores.There gonna cut the tendons and stretch them out.It should work.
GRRRRRR.I love my sister and the fact that shes staying with me.But goddamn she needs to get a job.My landlord told me I'm going to have to start paying more on my rent since shes staying there.All she does,literally is sleep and eat.Shes supposed to go back to her old job tomorrow,we'll see.She bitches cuz she don't have any money,she bitches cuz she don't have a car and we walk places.OMG she needs to exercise.Her breathing is bad cuz shes big.She also bitches about not having money.I never have money after my bills are paid.do you hear me bitching?NO.

guess what you guys

I reallyreallyREALLY like someone.YOu know who you are <3

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